Soooooo break ups… yr totally a nice thing NOT!

you should never break up with someone because you feel like you have too, that’s just running away from the problem, and leaving everyone else in the lurch especially when there’s other factors at play now im but a shell, there’s nothing left of what I was, just the ass holes in my head, I am nothing now, I may as well be dead.

Been a while

Im so sorry blog, I will blog more I promise 


Okay so now iv’e recovered time to talk about Swanage… I went camping with the 6th Basingstoke Boys brigade as staff and all in all it was a great week with a few bits of bad weather and just generally chipping in with as much as I can… despite bringing back the pain in my leg and just totally overdoing it… again… my only serious nag is that the lorry wasn’t packed properly because people didn’t give me a specific order for how it needed to go… so I lost my temper and just put what ever came next on -_- Then we come to the unloading… I could not breath because they wouldn’t take stuff off so we could move and just because the man in charge barked that he wanted the cookers another staff member jumps up to rip them out with a complete disregard for the rest of the kit on the lorry and no clue in his small brain as to how it was packed because the fool wasn’t there… other than that mess up the week went really well even though I was really home sick and missing my girlfriend A HELL OF A LOT so when I finally got home and she was there waiting for me I was really happy.  She was especially happy when I gave her a Hello Kitty belt that I got for her in Bournemouth… All in all… Back to resting… HAHA LOL…

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Is one of the best all time Anime/Mangers.  

The story Arcs for the character developments is really touching and reminds me of every day life and how we as people should treat each other regardless of actions.

The Music is well written and constantly inspire’s my imagination and relaxes my mood and helps me handle Life’s problems.

For anyone who hasn’t watched it I highly recommend you do as it is one of the best written pieces of fiction I’ve ever seen XD

Fairy Tail is my inspiration for life and the reason why I will chase my dreams XP


Digimon, Patamon

Lets talk about my favourite Digimon, Patamon. I love this Digimon because the personality bestowed upon this little guy really speaks to me.  He is cute and small and ever so adorabubbule (terrible rhyming I know).  His strength representing Hope is something I’ve long thought about throughout my life and has helped me focus through my life XD that is why Patamon will always be my buddy XD